The Theia line is specifically designed for R&D, yet it uses the same advanced features of our production systems. It is a low-cost versatile ALD system that fits most R&D budgets. The flexible chamber design allows for both round up to 350 mm substrate chuck that fits semiconductor wafers, or square parts carrying tray that better accommodates panels or randomly shaped parts.

Theia is based on the same platform developed for our industrial Helios line. This means not only mature “battle tested” equipment, but also a seamless transition to production with both the Helios and the Apollo lines, once your development efforts get you to the next level.

Please contact the sales team at Forge Nano for more information.

Features and Benefits:

  • High throughput: 12-30 nm/min
  • Low maintenance exceeding 50 μm of accumulated film MTBM
  • Low consumables cost- up to 90% precursor utilization efficiency
  • Flexible, field-upgradeable and scalable system configuration
  • Integrated millisecond response ALD valves manifold for composite films deposition with no throughput penalty
  • Fully integrated, unlimited number of chemical sources and chemical delivery lines for volatile and non-volatile precursors
  • Industrial PLC control with production-environment reliability and safety
  • User friendly, flexible GUI


  • Fast and thick film deposition ( > 5 micron)
  • Fast ALD deposition at low temperatures
  • Low temperature processing (down to 80 °C)
  • Seamless incorporation of nano-laminates with reproducible atomic-layer control
  • Composite ternary and quaternary alloy films with no throughput penalty
  • In situ QCM monitoring of film growth with high mass and time resolution
  • Field reconfigurable