Transparent Conductive Oxide

Indium tin oxide (ITO) is currently the dominant transparent conductor oxide (TCO) of choice. Increases in indium price, as well as the inherent limitations of ITO deposition drive the need for ITO replacements. ITO has limited resiliency and it tends to wear out and crack when bent. In addition, some of its electrical or optical properties, such as low carrier mobility and rough interface may be inadequate for some applications.

Sundew’s ZnO:Al provides a robust and stable ALD process for TCO applications, including organic light emitting diodes (OLEDs), touch screens, flexible displays and solar. Our SMFD-ALD™ systems give you the unmatched capability to deposit thick ZnO:Al ALD layers at low temperatures with high volume productivity. The Glider G1000-P is designed to deposit on large panel sizes, currently up to 1000x1000 mm, while the Revolution line is geared toward wafer deposition and handling.

Advantages and Benefits

  • Fast deposition at LOW temperatures
  • Stable precursors
  • High yield, repeatable process with high alloying accuracy
  • Minimal setup and optimization time
  • Seamless alloying without throughput penalty
  • Highest quality films
  • Superior uniformity
  • 100% conformal coverage