Tin whisker coated with Whiskers-Cap.

Foundry Coating Services

Sundew offers foundry ALD coating services on parts, boards and wafers. From ultrathin nano-layers to thick layers of several microns, our films are exceptionally conformal, uniform, and pin-hole free.

Our advanced film deposition capabilities include low temperature deposition (down to 70 °C), enhanced nanolaminate and composite film engineering capabilities, and low-stress thick films (up to about 12 micron). Sundew’s proprietary processes and sources enable fast, cost-effective and low temperature deposition of films requiring low-volatility precursors, such as hafnium-based high-K dielectrics, TiN, SiO2 and many more.

Contact us with your unique requirements and take advantage of our expertise in implementing ALD solutions for challenging applications.

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