Sundew’s Whiskers-Cap Coating Reaches One Year of Full Whiskers Containment Benchmark

May 21, 2009

Broomfield, CO- Sundew Technologies’ Whiskers-Cap, a dual use ALD coating that provides tin whiskers containment with hermetic environmental protection, today surpassed one year of full tin whiskers suppression during accelerated growth testing. It is the first coating to provide full containment of tin whiskers evolution and growth after one year.

Sundew has been using accelerated whiskers growth testing at 50 °C and 50% RH conditions. Test coupons with high propensity to whiskers growth were coated with Whiskers Cap over one half of the test coupons area, while the remaining area was left uncoated. After 53 weeks of testing, no growth or evolution of tin whiskers was observed on the coated sides, while the uncoated sides were showing very high densities of whiskers with some exceeding 1 millimeter length.

 Test coupons- 50% coated. Whisker-Cap Coated sides show full whiskers containment. No evolution of nodules or whiskers from small round nodules that existed prior to coating.

 Test coupons- 50% coated. Uncoated sides show high density of whiskers, some longer than
1 millimeter.

Whiskers Cap is a flexible ceramic coating with a combination of exceptional adhesion, toughness and hardness that is ideal for whiskers containment. Unlike polymer-based conformal coatings, Whiskers Cap is substantially tougher and harder than tin. Sundew has incorporated nanolaminates into the ceramic film stack to provide pliable films with > 300% elongation. Exhibiting the same true pin-hole free characteristics of Sundew’s ALD films, Whiskers-cap is at least ×107 more effective as a corrosion barrier than parylene and other polymer-based conformal coatings.

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