Sundew Wins Success Story Recognition by The U.S. Navy

September 15, 2008

Broomfield, CO- Sundew’s ALD technology was recently recognized by the U.S. Navy as a Navy Small Business Success Story for its successful deployment in the Navy fleet.

Sundew has developed ALD-Cap, an ALD coating that provides hermetic environmental protection to electronic components, eliminating the need for expensive specialized packaging.
ALD-Cap delivers hermetic performance that passes MIL-STD 883E environmental endurance testing with a thin conformal coating of high-quality, durable and flexible ceramic films. ALD-Cap coated electronic components have been deployed in radar systems for Navy ships with a resulting cost reduction of $14 million per ship and a potential cost avoidance of $100s of millions across various military systems.

ALD-Cap low-cost coating technology enables use of higher performing COTS (commercially off-the-shelf components) in military and non-military applications that require high-reliability hermetic performance, allows for higher flexibility in electronic system design, substantially reduces component cost and size, and provides a dual benefit of tin whiskers containment.

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