Sundew Launches New Line of Industrial Machines

February 19, 2008

Broomfield, CO- Sundew Technologies today introduced Glider, a new line of industrial ALD systems specifically designed for cost-effective ALD coating over parts and panels. Glider systems are the first ALD coating systems for industrial applications to offer pin-hole free, low stress and exceptionally conformal ALD films at sub-second cycle times and production-scale productivity. The flexible and modular tooling of Glider is designed for batch processing of multiple flat panel display panels, electronic boards and miscellaneous parts.

Glider incorporates Sundew’s SMFD-ALD™, as well as additional process and hardware innovations, to provide breakthrough capabilities such as high throughput ALD at low temperature, sub-second cycle time thick films deposition up to about 12 microns and high material utilization. Current generation Glider offers process volumes up to 80 liters and panel size capability of up to 1000x1000 mm.

Glider is designed for efficiency and reduced environmental impact with its ‘zero-waste’ processing, substantially lower factory power consumption and smaller footprint. Sundew’s patented integrated abatement ensures minimal maintenance and extended up time records that exceed those of legacy CVD and PVD equipment.

About Sundew: Sundew Technologies is the productivity leader in atomic layer deposition.
From nanofilms to thick films, Sundew’s hardware and process innovations provide breakthrough capabilities and productivity at the lowest cost of ownership.

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