Sundew Announces New Line of ALD Systems for R&D

July 7, 2009

Broomfield, CO- Sundew Technologies today introduced Developer, a new line of ALD systems specifically designed for R&D applications. Based on the Glider, Sundew’s high productivity ALD industrial coating systems, Developer offers production-proven design and advanced features.

Developer is the only R&D tool for ALD that delivers fast deposition compatible with large-scale production. It uses Sundew’s patented SMFD-ALD™ to provide new powerful capabilities at a low system cost that fits most R&D budgets, such as sub-second ALD cycle times for low turn-around exploration of applications requiring thick films, low consumables cost with up to 90% precursor utilization efficiency, and unprecedented reproducibility and control.

The Developer systems are available with an integrated QCM as a powerful tool for fine-detailed process exploration and optimization and the development of new ALD precursors. The QCM provides film growth monitoring with better than 5% of monolayer resolution, as well as detailed in-situ information on the chemistry, kinetics and physics of ALD reaction steps, reactivity and thermal stability of ALD precursors and surface species stability.

About Sundew: Sundew Technologies is the productivity leader in atomic layer deposition.
From nanofilms to thick films, Sundew’s hardware and process innovations provide breakthrough capabilities and productivity at the lowest cost of ownership.

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