Advanced Sources

The dramatically reduced saturation exposure with SMFD-ALD™ by a factor of 100X or more simplifies precursor delivery and facilitates cost effective deposition of otherwise notoriously difficult ALD reactions from low-volatility precursors, commonly used in ALD. A simple vapor draw with minimized or no need for carrier gas is all that is needed. At minimized dilution with carrier gas, much higher precursor concentrations drive ALD reactions to saturate faster and significantly enhance throughput.

Sundew’s proprietary source technology provides additional benefits for processes that require low-volatility precursors. It delivers sub-second cycle times for ALD films such as hafnium-based high-K dielectrics and TiN over substrates with very large surface areas. Effective and well-controlled vapor delivery from proprietary, innovative gas, liquid and solid sources, as well as liquid injection of liquefied or solvated precursors and pressure controlled ozone complement our ALD system. Additional proprietary and innovative on-demand sources are used for safely control and delivery of otherwise short-lived or exceedingly reactive reactants.